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The Fire Yourself Academy Everything that you need to know about how to fire yourself from sales and hire/train/manage rockstar salespeople. Who to look for... Where to find them... How to build the hiring funnel that automates most of your hiring... How to set them up for success (and fast)... Which compensation plan best fits your business... and ultimately, how to explode your agency's growth completely separate from you. So, you can focus on bigger and better things in your business.
25+ Micro Training Video Library You will get video coaching from the best in the game as it relates to agency sales and sales hiring. From the mindset you must have to fire and replace yourself in sales to the leadership, training, and management it requires to have a thriving sales person or sales team.
An "Always Adding To" Resource Library Templates, scripts, calculators, workflows, walkthroughs, tools, scorecards, and a lot more await you to help you fire yourself fast and hire successful sales people. We are usually dropping a few new resources in here every single month.

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If you implement everything I show you in the Fire Yourself Academy, and don't see a change in your business, I will strike you a check and refund you on the spot. 

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  • 30+ Training Modules and 25+ Micro Training Videos
  • ​Dozens of worksheets, downloads, templates, and scripts that are proven to help you Fire Yourself from sales and build a rockstar sales team...
  • ​Sales Compensation Wizard. We built a conditional logic sales compensation wizard that will help guide you to creating the best sales compensation plan for you and your sales people.
  • BONUS: The technical setup guide to our exact 5 step hiring funnel. The tools we use, the automations we build, and the workflows that we assemble for ourselves and for our clients that pay us $100k+ to build their sales operation.
  • BONUS: A special invitation to join our agency sales mastermind
"I did all of the sales. I went to all of the conferences, met all of our customers, I did everything. After working with Joey, I feel like I’m actually becoming the CEO… I get to do what I love."
- Audra Brehm  |  Brehm Media
"I cannot emphasize enough... the SDA team is the real deal. I have to admit, I took a risk jumping into working with them. It has and will continue to pay off big time."
- Jason Smith  |  Spotlight Social
"Anybody who has the opportunity to work with Joey & his team at Sales Driven Agency will see their sales transform in short order."
- Chris Dreyer  |  Rankings.io
"If you're thinking about working with or learning from Joey... Do so! The only thing you're doing by not is wasting time and money."
- Adam Andrews  |  Ideal Influencers

Common Questions You May Be Asking:

What makes this a unique course compared to the thousands of others I get shown on a daily basis?

1) I've done this in every business I've owned (and still own) and hundreds of client businesses. Meaning... I know my shit and I'm a practitioner of what I preach 2) Every course out there is trying to teach you some silver-bullet on how to grow your agency. I teach you how to grow your agency sustainably and do so without needing you anymore. Go be the CEO and stop messing around in sales where you don't want to be anyways.

Is this really backed by a money-back guarantee?

First of all, if you're already looking for a way out... don't spend your money on this. Your mindset is already in the wrong place. However, to answer the question.... YES, 100% guaranteed that if you do what I tell you to in this playbook and you actually take action then I will cut you a check for a full refund if you don't see a change in your business.

What if I've tried to hire sales people before and it failed miserably?

Good. Then you'll be even more ecstatic and grateful when this revolutionizes your business and you get out of sales.

Do I need to have sales experience to do this well?

No. I actually don't care about your experience at all. This may work even better for you because you don't come in with baggage.

What kind of support do I get?

When you purchase the Fire Yourself Course, you will be added to a private facebook group where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, ask for feedback, and see the answers that other people receive to their questions.

Are there any extra costs?

Not from me. You will need to make some financial decisions (that we will help with in this course) around salespeople, but no you will not need to spend another dollar with me... unless of course you want to and then you can explore some of our deeper offers.

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